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◯ If you give us a call, we may be able to prepare a seat even on a day when it is not possible to make a reservation.
◯ Please note that we do not offer specific seat reservations.
◯ Special requests are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and restaurant discretion.
◯ If you are making a reservation for more than 14 pax, please call in to make a booking.
The Square@Furama
405 Havelock Road 169633
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The Square@Furama
405 Havelock Road 169633
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The Square@Furama
405 Havelock Road 169633
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Toreta Asia Pte. Ltd.
2. Name, department and contact point of administrator who protects personal information
Name of administrator: Koji Shiraishi
Department: Toreta Asia Pte. Ltd.
Contact point: Telephone +65-6222-8711
3. Purpose of use of personal information
1. The Company shall use the personal information of users that it acquires through the system for the following purposes. Users are requested to fill out the form to confirm that they agree to such use of the information.
(1) To provide information on applications for reservations made by users to the subject restaurants with which the users have made such applications for reservations.
(2) To further enhance the content of the services that the Company provides.
(3) To communicate with users as necessary.
(4) To conduct a survey on the use conditions or use environments and produce various reports for the subject restaurants or for internal use (only in such a manner that individuals cannot be identified, such as by the compilation or analysis of properties).
2. The Company may disclose the personal information of users to its parent company, subsidiary companies, and/or affiliate companies, whether they are located in Japan or abroad, to fulfill its operational purposes. Users shall agree to such disclosure in advance.
3. In addition to the provisions specified in the preceding paragraphs, the Company will handle personal information according to the provisions of the privacy policy set forth separately by the Company. Users shall agree that the Company will use personal information in accordance with the relevant privacy policy.
4. The Company shall be allowed to provide information that users have entered when making applications for reservations (including but not limited to personal information) to the subject restaurants to which users have made applications for reservations. Users shall agree to such provision of the information.
4. Provision of personal information
For the aforementioned purposes, the Company shall be allowed to provide the relevant items of personal information kept by the Company to facilities designated by users parties using the functionality of the system. Users are requested to enter data into the form to confirm that they agree to such provision of the information.
5. Request for personal information disclosure, etc.
Customers may, in person, make inquiries for the disclosure, etc. of their personal information to the Company at the following contact point for personal information within the Company. If such inquiries are received, the Company will respond to the inquiries within a reasonable period of time after undertaking the identity verification of the subject principals.
Contact point for personal information at Toreta Asia Pte. Ltd. Telephone number:+65-6222-8711
6. Voluntary provision of personal information
Principals may provide the content of personal information to the Company at their own discretion. However, they are requested to understand that the Company may not be able to respond appropriately if it is not presented with any information for items in which data entry is required.
7. Acquisition of personal information by means of a method that cannot be easily recognized by principals
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Established: 25th May, 2016
Revised: 11th October, 2016

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